Beginning Level Classes

  • Level 1 Focus is on Standing Poses. Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) is introduced at this level.
  • Level 2 Students will learn to be proficient in standing poses. Head Stand (Sirsasana) is introduced at this level.

Intermediate Level Classes

  • Level 3 Learning foundational back bends and Hand Stand (Urdhva Mukha Vrksasana). Sarvangasana variations begin at this level.
  • Level 4 Learning Lotus pose (Padmasana) and full Back bend (Urdhva Dhanurasana).
  • Level 5 Learning Inversion (Sirsasana & Sarvangasana) variations. Should be able to press up into full Back bend.

Advanced Level Classes

  • Level 6 and above No offerings yet at this level of practice.

Classes are free.

If you would like to donate, you can do so on Venmo @Carmen-Fitzgibbon or on PayPal, carmenfitzgibbon@gmail.com

Weekly emails are sent out on Sundays to those on my mailing list, with links that allow you register for class. Once you’ve registered for a class, an email will be sent to you 5 to 10 minutes before that class to join. It’s easy! Open the email, click the zoom link and practice with me!

If you cannot make it to class at the scheduled time, you can still practice with me. Weekly emails are sent to those on my mailing list with invitations to previously recorded classes. Those classes are on a private YouTube page which only those on my mailing list will have access to. So, practice at the times above, or practice later when it works for you! The idea is: PRACTICE!

For the time being, all classes are free and donation based only. If you are able to donate, it is very appreciated. If you are not, DO NOT let it stop you from coming to class. Join in, either live on zoom.us or later on YouTube. Let’s keep our community together and grow together!

Please feel free to invite your friends to class! To invite others, send them to my site and ask them to join the mailing list. They will then receive the emails and the links to register for classes – EASY!

The level 1 class on Sundays is a course. It’s progressive and great for beginners and for those who what to refresh their understanding of the foundations of an asana practice. Anyone can join in at any time. It’s recommended that you go back to the beginning of the course and learn from the first class onward as well-these classes are in consecutive order.

Regarding Props:

I highly recommend that your invest in props for your home!

What I would consider to be adequate for most situations are, 2 blocks, 2 belts, 3 blankets, 1 bolster and 1 yoga chair (a metal folding chair will work!).

To purchase yoga props I recommend these vendors:
www.dharmacrafts.com (Dharma Craft only) – enter promo code carmen15 for a 15% discount

yogads06@yahoo.com is a supplier in LA named Israel. He is able to supply the following props at the following prices:
Blankets – $14
Bolsters – $38
Belts – $7
Sand Bags – $10
Yoga Chairs – $35

There is a flat, $10 delivery fee if you live in Los Angeles. Israel will ship anywhere else in the US via UPS.

“Yoga is like music.
The rhythm of the body,
the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul,
create the symphony of life.” B.K.S. Iyengar