Learning privately is an extraordinary way to practice. This is the most effective way to understand yoga as it applies to you and your life. Each practice and pose is designed and taught for your specific body and conditions, therefore you gain the most insight regarding how to practice for you.


Deeper understanding of each posture & sequence and why it is important for your practice.

Ability to ask questions whenever they come up.

The ground work is laid for you to begin a home practice on your own.


The ability to work a minimum of 1 hour per week with your teacher is necessary. Up to 5 days a week of instructed practice is recommended. Most students find 2 to 3 days of instructed practice to be realistic for them. I encourage my students to work on particular asanas on their own on the days that we do not practice together.

According to the Yoga Sutras, Sutra 1:22, “The time necessary for success depends on whether the practice is mild, medium or intense”. Basically you will get out of your practice what you put into it. The more time spent studying and practicing, the more headway you will make. When we practice intently 3 or more times per week, we tend to have greater forward momentum in our practice.

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